Thursday, March 31, 2011

A must read for business owners

What an entertaining, applicable, insightful work by Scott Stratten, social media expert. Stratten's take in Unmarketing is so refreshing. If you want to learn how to improve your use of Facebook, Twitter, video, newsletters, teleseminars - better yet - if you want to learn how to engage your clientele and and develop relationships with potential customers, this has got to be on your reading list. I put it in the Top Five among books on social media. And my Top Five list of books about business in general. No wonder this guy is asked to speak all around the world. He's shaking it up.
I think holistic practitioners will relate to his style and resonate with his philosophy about relating to people first. He's jaded, but in a good way. If you know what Klondike ice cream bars are, Scott may remind you of them - crunchy and seemingly hardened on the outside, sweet and melting on the inside. Scott completely opened my mind to the potential of Twitter and the goodness therein.
Highly recommended. Feel free to leave comments about it here and recommend your favorite business books.

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